Welcome to HAG. The Podcast.

I’m not sure what this will be. But the audiobook is taking forever and I have many thoughts in the meantime. Are you a woman newly-divorced here at the supposed end of the world? Single in a pandemic? Even if you aren’t, you may get something out of hearing me chant about it. I won’t call it complaining because this bitching is purposeful…all about processing pain through and OUT of the body where it belongs. Join me. Let’s talk alllllllllll about it. The good, the bad, and the ugly. We are living in a strange, Covid-filled, scary place full of magic, wonder, and weird-ass Bumble profiles. Come on in and take a minute. Talk it out, laugh it loud, cry it off. There’s plenty of room. As that little lady in Poltergeist used to say, β€œAll are welcome.”