SPRING COLLECTION APRIL 2023. Let’s start with a good hat. Why don’t you Diana Vreeland? Ol’ TS called April the cruelest month, but I think life is “BRUTIFUL” beautiful and brutal and this mix reflects that. Something a little sexy, more flirty than dirty. With a liberal sprinkling of metal filings darling because Mama loves a gritty layer to chew on. This is me. I love churchy gospel, but I love something more too. Of all the mixes I’ve done HH is the one most me. Which if you know HouseOfNae at all, means a great deal. Pretty damn proud of it in other words so I hope you’ll give it a listen. You might even hear a few familiar beats 😉

Homburg Hidalgo also marks a new chapter and new direction. Three hours of music a month, 88 songs approximately, that I will mix, spin, layer, rotate, match, rotate and blend into a different sauce every week. 88 songs to do the same to you. Sure hope I get to spin these hours somewhere live soon. Maybe I’ll go camping 😉